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The Era of Midas
Once the many folks of Deepearth lived in harmony, working together to create a world of rising technology and wealth. They were praying fearful to their gods until one of them was interested enough to answer their prayers. It was Midas, young god of fortune and luck. And with him he brought the golden gift, a powerful item that would give his bearer immense power, abilities of magic and mind, and even immortality. Midas became their leader and under his wise hand Deepearth grew into a realm of ultimate capacity.

But the golden era shouldn’t last long. The people got greedy, begged Midas to share more of the golden gift with them and even killed each other for it. It was in a night of full moon, as Morgane, a mighty sorceress and taken wife of Midas, tried to steal the golden gift. She stabbed Midas with a cursed dagger, hoping to kill him and gain his immortality. As the blade touched the heart of the deity, the golden gift shattered into thousands of pieces. The pieces escaped Morgane’s spoiled touch, rushed into the black sky. Suddenly the night was alive, vidid colours devoured the sky like burning flames and the moon itself was red like the spilled blood. The gods were enraged and punished Deepearth by giving them the power they longed for. The pieces of the golden gift fell down, enchanting like shooting stars but dangerous as meteorites. They crushed the world. The ground itself arched upwards and buried Deepearth nether soil, stone and a veil of oblivion.

The golden beast of Seltor and the hunt
As time passed, the few survivors of the „Night of the Blood Moon” assorted and built a new Deepearth, an overland world struggling to reach its predecessor’s glory. The old golden realm faded away, became a place of stories and myths, then nothing but a blurred, distant dream. But the pieces of the golden gift were still waiting deep below the ground, quivering and sparkling with magic. Searching for a new bearer.

It was a foggy day in Seltor, the big capital of the kingdom of Silverblade, as the floor broke and one of the numerous pieces reached the overland. It was sitting in a furious and lurid beast, giving a foretaste of the dark things that happened underground since the Night of the Blood Moon. It destroyed the market place and a whole district of Seltor, but was eventually slain by a young hero. The academics of Seltor were interested in the beast and its origin. They studied the corpse, found some small ruins below the town and then gained access to the splint of the golden gift inside the beast. They recognised the power within the piece and soon new lore of the hidden dungeons of Deepearth and their treasures spread across the land. Honourable knights and enquiring magicians as well as simple adventurers and sneaking tricksters came together to enter the underworld and leave them as rich and mighty heroes. But with fortune lies danger..

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