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Background & Symbiotes

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Red fire illuminated the sky as the Corona appeared in the sky in 2003. Since this day, since the red ring of fire accompanied the moon on his daily journey through the night or competes with the sun during the day, the cochlea bonded with humans. These mysterious snail-like creatures come in many colors and shapes but they are all faceless and have an transparent stinger. This stinger they use to connect with humans and enter a symbiosis that has been baffling the scientific world for the last decade. No one knows, how they choose their partner, they just fall with - unsurprisingly - supernatural precision from the sky.
The symbiotes, as these empowered humans are called, have changed the world. Warlords rose all over the world, who wanted to take over a city or a country with their newfound powers and heroes or the government rose in turn to meet them. In some places, symbiotes are hunted, in others they are feared and rule. But in many places, not much has changed and symbiotes with nefarious purposes and those who want to live in peace with normal humans keep each other in check.

This status quo is about to change in Hoyleton, a medium-sized town in the middle of the US. Hoyleton’s protector, Nefertiti has died of natural causes and left a vacuum of power behind. Who will fill it and what will it bring? Prosperity? War? Or something entirely different?

Symbiotes are humans who entered a symbiosis with a cochlea. They have superhuman abilities that can express themselves in entirely different ways from person to person. Some can soar through the skies or control fire, water or the temperature, some gain insight into the future or learn to produce nasty poisons. Some are even stranger, with the ability to create servants out of thin air or change aspects of reality around them. Generally they gain one ability and necessary secondary abilities to be able to use their power, but there are Symbiotes with a grab bag of often lesser powers. Some Symbiotes also undergo changes, physically or mentally.
Although we call it symbiosis, as of now, it is unknown what the cochlea gain from this bond. They stay attached to their host, as long as they or the host lives, withering away within minutes of death. This has made it practically impossible to study the cochlea, as they are exceptionally sturdy. Will we uncover their secret?

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